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The Laline Story

Welcome to the world of Laline. A world which we created in 1999 and like the real world continues to develop, rejuvenate and expand. From a small and charming store in central Tel Aviv, we have become Israel's leading chain for cosmetics and lifestyle products for your body and soul, with over 140 stores across 4 countries.


But for us this is where the resemblance to the "real" world ends. In the white world we created, a world of pampering and tranquility, we invite you to leave behind routine and the necessities and give yourself to a romantic experience of pure enjoyment, full of joie de vivre and inspiration. We encourage the Laline woman, the one whose body and soul are connected, to nourish herself with the Laline Body and Soul fragrances and presence, which express her personal, feminine statement for herself, her family, the man she loves or her best friends. Our products collection offers a selection of items for the body, bath products, skin peeling and perfumes: makeup, nail polish, body and facial products, aromatic ambiance products for the home as well as lifestyle products to complete the experience.


The chain offers different series of leading products based on our favorite and most exciting fragrances. Each series offers an extensive variety of products that combined offer a perfect nourishing experience for body and soul – from bath products to perfumes. We have also developed a series of unique products to make sure no one in the family is left behind – women, men and teens and of course our exciting range of gift packages.


We imprint Laline's values, which have accompanied us along the years, into each and every item we manufacture: starting from innovation in developing products to making sure we use top quality ingredients, from the finest details in designing our packages to the magical romanticism of our stores. These are all a result of the joy of creation which makes the connection between body and soul a celebration of fun and esthetics.


Going back to the real world for a moment, it is also important for us to make an impact and therefore, Laline has assumed its social responsibility and is involved in supporting and promoting associations benefiting children, youth and women.



Revital Levi and Merav Cohen

Founders and Partners