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Laline aspires to continue and lead the category of cosmetic and beauty products for body and soul.


We at Laline aim to create a calm and pampering lifestyle, whilst constantly improving the wellbeing and health of our customers and workers.


Laline is an important player in international gift market and positions itself as the ultimate choice in the category of gifts.


Laline indulges its customers and strives to be accessible and available to their needs and also offer them an exciting and unique buying experience in a multisensory and magical atmosphere.


Laline continues to expand and establish itself in the international market.


Laline presents uncompromising innovation in the quality and visibility of its products, which are affordable for everyone; all while leading social, economic and ecologic responsibility.


Laline treats its employees as an integral part of the company's success, encourages teamwork, innovation and creativity, all while offering courteous, high standard service that demonstrates skill and professionalism.


Laline treats its workers with kindness and instills a sense of pride and belonging, allowing them to consider Laline as a place where they can grow and develop.